Woman Wins $10 Million Malpractice Verdict

Posted By The Associated Press | 30-Aug-2007

West Palm Beach, FL- A jury granted a woman a $10.3 million verdict Thursday.

Nadine Raphael said Dr. James Shecter did not administer critical medicine when her 73 year-old husband Harvey arrived at Palms West Hospital on April 10, 2003, clearly suffering a heart attack, said her attorney Scott Henratty.

Another doctor ultimately gave him an anti-clotting drug, but Henratty said there’s a window of about two hours of when the medication has to be administered. Raphael didn’t receive the medicine until more than two hours after he arrived.

Raphael received a heart transplant in 2006, but developed an infection and died a month later.

Shecter’s attorney Michael Mittelmark said he plans to appeal.

Palms West Hospital reached a confidential out of court settlement with Nadine Raphael before the trial.
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