Family Of Heart Attack Victim Awarded $10.3 Million

Family Of Heart Attack Victim Awarded $10.3 Million

Posted By Daily Business Review | 10-Sep-2007

In April 2003, Harvey Raphael, then 73, developed severe chest pains and was rushed to the emergency room at Palms West Hospital.

An EKG revealed he was having a serious heart attack. A blood clot in the left anterior descending artery of the heart was preventing necessary oxygen from reaching the lower heart.

Raphael arrived at the hospital about an hour after he first developed the pains and was seen by Shecter. The doctor did not prescribe any medication. Nearly an hour later, he called cardiologist Jean Foucald, who rushed to the emergency room and prescribed the anti-clotting drug Retavase.

The next morning Raphael was transferred to a different hospital for an angioplasty.

The first hour of a heart attack in known as the “golden hour”/ Research indicated treatment within the first hour greatly improves the chance of recovery.
Raphael was in and out of hospitals for the next three years, suffering from congestive heart failure. In January 2006, he had a heart transplant at a New York Hospital, developed an infection and died the following month.
The suit was first filed as a negligence suit and after his death it was amended to a wrongful death claim.

Raphael’s wife, Nadine, sued Foucald, Shecter, Shecter’s Emergency Physician Enterprises and Palms West Hospital, claiming their negligence led to his death.
Plaintiff attorney Malove said he voluntarily dismissed Foucald from the case because discovery proved he did nothing wrong. The hospital settled for a confidential amount before trial. The trial involving Shecter and his physician group lasted for more than three weeks
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