Welcome to the Malove Henratty, P.A. Blog

Welcome to the Malove Henratty, P.A. Blog

Posted By Malove Henratty, P.A. | 26-Jan-2016

Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyers

After a serious accident, you may need more than just medical attention. You may also require the legal assistance of an attorney. In fact, without an experienced lawyer working on your behalf, you could find it exceedingly difficult to secure the full and fair compensation due to you after an accident. At Malove Henratty, P.A., we’re here to fight for you. Passionate in our pursuit of justice for injured victims, we represent individuals in Fort Lauderdale and throughout Florida.

If you’ve been injured, immediately contact at attorney at our firm. Florida laws limit the amount of time injury victims are given to take legal action after an accident. The longer you wait to align yourself with a lawyer, the more difficult it could be to secure favorable results in your case. Aggressive in our fight and proven in our results, Malove Henratty, P.A. can be trusted to deliver steadfast representation for your personal injury case. Contact us today to learn more.

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