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Doctor-Patient Confidentiality Laws in Florida

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Every licensed medical professional is obligated by law to maintain a strict doctor-patient relationship. The privacy and confidentiality of this relationship entails strict regulations regarding information that can and cannot be shared with third parties. Doctors and healthcare providers throughout the United States are obligated to keep patient information private and must refrain from disclosing any patient information to another party without first receiving written consent from the patient.

A medical professional or facility that breaches this duty and discloses confidential patient information of any sort may be held liable for damages. These damages can include injury, embarrassment and emotional upset. If your physician released your medical records to a third party without your designated authorization, complete a case evaluation form to speak with an injury attorney at Malove Henratty, P.A. about your legal options.

How to Determine If Your Medical Records Were Released Legally

A number of exceptions to the doctor-patient confidentiality law exist, by which medical professionals are permitted to release patient records without consent (and without being held liable for doing so). Common situations in which a healthcare provider is allowed to disclose your personal information without your consent include:

  • Physician has reason to suspect child abuse, gunshot wounds, and other forms of physical harm
  • Patient waived the right to confidentiality when the claim for medical coverage was first submitted
  • Physician is required to report certain patient information to the appropriate authorities, i.e., communicable viruses or diseases

Patients must also be aware that if they sue any medical professional for malpractice, their records and personal medical information will be automatically released and used in connection with the litigation at hand.

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